About EC Custom Knives

How I got started:

My knifemaking journey began with an obsession for the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I spend hours in my dad's garage trying to make homemade nunchucks to play with. This eventually parlayed into trying to make knives. At that point, I would just try to put handles on existing blades and make sheaths for them. Needless to say they all sucked with my almost non existent skill set at ten years old. After an incident with nunchucks leading to breaking my younger brothers arm, my dad put a hold on my access to the mad laboratory that was his garage. My efforts were then basically frozen for 20 years, picking back up in my early thirties when I had a shop of my own. 


I use mainly high carbon steels and produce fixed blades, with the occasional variation. All of my designs are my own and all of my work is 100% handmade, no CNC's or waterjet. Every piece is unique, I never make the exact same knife twice. ​My style is more traditional, wood handles. Bush craft designs are my soft spot and where my mind generally starts with each new design.

Caring for your knife:
If you have bought a knife from us, it will be made of high carbon steel not stainless steel. We recommend to not wash it, merely wipe it over as soon as you have finished using it and put it away. To prevent rust, keep your knife as clean and dry as possible after use, and apply a light coating of oil periodically. For culinary knives, olive, vegetable, canola or sunflower oil is fine. For other knives, light machine oil like that used for sharpening is suitable, or any of the above listed cooking oils. Some oil can be poured into your sheath or knife block, and then poured out again, creating a water repellent environment to store your knife in.No matter how well you take care of your knife it will turn a dull grey colour over time, it will mark and not stay shiny. As the steel is exposed to different elements, it will begin to naturally oxidize, or patina. Over time, this patina will act as a protective layer against rusting and discoloration. This is normal, there is nothing unhygienic about it, it is just the nature of the steel.